Let’s celebrate Europe Day! And the winners are...

Par MAUD ERNY ISMAAILI, publié le jeudi 12 mai 2022 10:34 - Mis à jour le jeudi 12 mai 2022 13:26
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May 9th is internationally celebrated as Europe Day. For the occasion, we would like to share the results of the photography contest organised last week for the two classes of Contemporary World English Specialists.

The two classes went on a field trip to discover the European district and its institutions located in Strasbourg.

Here are the award winners for :

-1 - First prize

-2 - Best Photography Award

-3 - Best Page Layout

-4 - Fun Fact Award

-5 - Most Personal Interpretation Award

-6 - Best Command of Grammar

-7 - Prize for the Most Experienced-based and Factual Accuracy

-8 -Best Link with the English Language

-… and the last ones, a tie, for 9 and 10 - Most Original Yet Almost Off-Topic and Rather Late Submissions

Discover the names of the winners by reading their articles!

Of course, all the other submissions were great and they are worth reading as well. Congratulations to you all! If you were published today, that means you did great.


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